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CHECK DI$ MO-FO$!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wassup yo, I be Joey (mutha lovin)Stitches(A.K.A THE SOUTH COAST SLASHER) lead singer and poster boy for the South Coast horrorpunkabillycore band "The Taxidermists" we at the present have played abouth a year and a halfs worth of gigs in Bournemouth (our home town) but are progressin further every day. Also in the band is:
She on bass.
A.D.D Slaughter on guitar.
The Crack Ninja on drums.
so check dis shixnit.

This site was started on 23/2/03. It has now been up for a year with no progress but i'm gonna give it another try. 2/2/04 

Punx UNdead
The stench of crack + rottin flesh fill the air it must be THE TAXIDERMISTS

Tha 411

Taxidermists took a trip down to the joiners last nite to see the horrorpops. Joey discovered a new love of little go-go girls (huba huba). Tha ninja and Joey painted the town red black an blue. A good time was had by all. Stitches 2/4/04.

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